About us
Biesterfeld Polychem S.r.l.
Estabilished in July 2011 for the distribution of specialty chemicals, Biesterfeld Polychem is the second company linked to the Biesterfeld Group which operates in Italy.

The company was born in 50% joint-venture between Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH from Hamburg (D), from several years leader in distribution of specialty chemicals in central Europe and the Italian shareholders, already owners and founder of Biesterfeld Polybass Spa www.biesterfeldpolybass.com plastics distributors in Italy since 1997.

Biesterfeld Polychem focuses the distribution of specialty chemicals for the following industries:
Lifa Science (pharmaceutical, cometic,health care and much more)
C.A.S.E. – coating, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (paints and inks, constructions, polymers additives and much more)
Performance Products (building, elettronics, automotive, naval, energetic and much more)
Thanks to commercial agreements with worldwide key suppliers, we distribute high quality performance goods.
In collaboration with our suppliers, we can satisfy our customers’ needs with tailor-made products, on request.

 The Biesterfeld Group (1906) - www.biesterfeld.com
International distribution and service company based in Hamburg (Germany), distributes with success plastics, specialty chemicals with a long tradition going back more than 100 years.

Core business divisions:
Biesterfeld PlasticBiesterfeld Spezialchemie and Biesterfeld International

Biesterfeld Spezialchemiewww.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com
Europe’s leading distributor for specialty chemicals, long term close cooperation with top suppliers and open relation with customers to develop tailor-made products.

Biesterfeld Plasticwww.biesterfeld-plastic.com
Europe’s leading distributor for plastics in 26 countries, providing a complete products portfolio and a widespread sales organization.
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